Ping  will inspire you
to live the life of your dreams now!
She explains the peace and happiness 
you'll enjoy while you are living your life to the fullest,
while applying ancient wisdom and her daily exercises
 to your own life.

At the end of each chapter, she offers 
simple but profound practices and meditations.
These will bring you into harmony with the universe 
to allow all that you desire to come 
more easily and effortlessly into your life. 


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Inspired by a higher power, 
Ping Li
will assist you to shift, rise, and align your energetic physical, 
mental, emotional and spiritual body 
to your soul, higher self 
and the source of the universe
to fulfill your soul's destiny and purpose on earth. 

To this end, Ping cannot give you anything you don’t already possess. 
What she can do is take you by the hand and lead you down that 
path to understanding your Higher Purpose. 

She will show you how to let go of the those things
that no longer serve you so you can
focus your thoughts, feelings and vision to manifest 
all your material needs, happiness and everything 
you wish for . . .

Everything you seek is already within you right here, right now!
This can be the ONE BOOK that finally changes your life! 
Ping's Book Glows with Positive Energy!

"In Awakening, Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose on Earth, Ping Li gives you simple and direct yet powerful insights and exercises that helps you understand and connect to your true essence and experience the power of your own pure being. You'll discover your "True Shine & Wealth" within that are the source and inspiration for creating your dreams and fulfilling your purposes to truly serve the world and yourself in a way you never dreamed possible. I highly recommend Ping's book. It glows with positive energy!"
Denise Cassino, 
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Great Balance of Spiritual and Practical

Ping Li’s new book, Awakening, Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose on Earth, provides a great balance of spiritual and practical. Ping does a great job of balancing the spiritual wisdom of the universe with practical exercises that will enable you to fulfill your destiny.
David Riklan – Founder SelfGrowth.com.
# 1 Self Improvement site on the Internet.

Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose on Earth is more than the title of Ping Li’s book. It is a way of life and a journey of discovery of your destiny and life purpose.

In this enlightening book, author Ping Li takes the reader through various aspects of self-revelation to include free will, purpose, inner guidance and much more. 
Over the years I have read hundreds of books on self-development, new thought/ancient wisdom and spirituality. Ping Li magically combines the most profound elements of each in her newest book. Not only will you read about how to transform, you will find useful processes at the end of each chapter that will guide you to fully understanding your soul’s journey and your special calling. 
A beautifully written book that gives the reader plenty to ponder, Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose on Earth is a must have for anyone who yearns to take their life to the higher levels of discovery. 

Kathleen Gage 
Bestselling author of The Law of Achievement
Tap Into Your True Magnificence!

Ping shows you exactly how to tap into the true essence of your own magnificence step by step with the understanding and the process to get you there. If you are ready for a profound transformation in each and every area of your life right now right here, this is the book for you. Can you imagine living as your soul or your higher self in every moment of your life? Making the highest choices as your wise and all knowing self for a perfect and effortless manifestation of your all of heart's deepest desires? You can, Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose on Earth shows you exactly that.  

Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D.
Author of #1 Bestseller,
Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster
Then, this new book will guide you 
in just 22 days 
one step at a time toward inner-vibrational transformation 
that is necessary for you to be 
in harmony with the source of the universe and your true essence.
You will be able to attract the life you have always 
dreamed about living and fulfill 
your soul's purpose miraculously and effortlessly.

When you are tired of the 
pain, suffering, confusion, 
and the ‘spinning of wheels’ of a life 
without direction can bring…
… then this 22-day program to a 
brighter, more spiritually-uplifting, 
and rewarding life just 
may hold all the answers for you.
Amy Christine Bush
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Invest in your own life now! 
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Have you ever wondered . . .
  • Who am I really?
  • Why I am here on earth?
  • Is there a higher purpose for my life?
  • How I can make my life easier and my experiences more joyful and loving?
  •  How I can fulfill my dreams and my desires more  freely and easily?

Profound Insights & Practical Tools
“Ping's journal of remembering, discovering, and awakening to the truth of who we really are gives you profound insights, a road map, and practical tools that will liberate you from the bounds of your physical reality, and live in oneness with all that is – a life of love, joy, service, and fulfillment.”

Rosanna Ienco, best-selling author of
Awakening the Divine Soul - Finding Your Life Purpose

My name is Ping Li. At age of 24, I arrived in the United States. Within 10 years, I had built a million-dollar business – success was mine! But I soon realized that deep down I felt unhappy, over-worked, unfulfilled, and misunderstood…and I felt trapped.… 
I went into an emotional void and lost my direction in life … I was deeply saddened and lonely – I spent thousands of dollars on seminars, books, tapes, coaches all the while neglecting my business – and I soon lost all I had worked so hard for leaving me heart-broken, ashamed, angry, and devastated. 

Then, out of desperation, I started reading, studying, pondering, journaling and meditating day after day. With each journey inward, my mind became quieter and a small voice within me guided me to take specific actions. I opened my heart to love  and suddenly the universe began to provide me with all that I needed.

I was awestruck by the simplicity of what I had discovered  and inspired to continue on…and I’m excited to announce that now you can experience this same sense of simplicity, bliss, and Divine guidance in your life … while attracting like a magnet all those things your heart truly desires - more loving relationships, peace, tranquility,  and wealth.
God Has Desires For You, Too. . .
It has never been God’s desire that you suffer through a life of self-denial!

God's desires for us are the same as our hearts’ desires. And God’s visions are our highest visions and purposes in life. We are loved and supported unconditionally and abundantly by the universe and God, with no exceptions. In AWAKENING: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose On Earth, we’ll explore together…

  • WHO YOU REALLY ARE  - This book is a doorway to a higher consciousness and understanding of God’s plan for you.
  • YOUR LIFE LESSONS - Through these lessons, you’ll find yourself loving all things in your life unconditionally – and experience a joy of life greater than any you’ve known!
  • YOUR FREE WILL - This is one of God’s greatest gifts … allowing you to live your life’s purpose, fulfill your highest potential, awaken the god and goddess within you, and create your own ‘heaven on earth’.
  • YOUR HEART'S TRUE DESIRE  - You were born to have your heart’s truest desires fulfilled. You'll learn exactly how to achieve them … regardless what your ‘common sense’ or ‘Ego’ tell you - it is what you deserve! You'll learn how to differentiate between your heart's desire and your ego's desire.
  • YOUR INNER GUIDANCE -  It can show you the way, and keep you locked-on to your goals with a tenacity you never knew you possess! You’ll always know exactly what step to take next … and neither Life’s driving winds nor torrential downpours will be able to knock you off your course.
 "Awakening, Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose on Earth 
is a manifestation of divine love and light . . . "
Finally, here is a way to achieve Spiritual, Emotional, AND Material success all at the same time. Because when you know why your Creator put you here in the first place,  and begin tending in a certain way to God’s plans for you…

Suddenly your entire life becomes so much easier … happiness comes as naturally as breathing … and you begin attracting your own heart’s desires like moths to a flame.
How does this benefit you?
You can  begin to live your life following the 
step-by-step guide in 

and soon your life will change 
in positive ways you never thought possible!
From Such Seeds of Adversity Can Come your Greatest Spiritual Triumphs…

She Arrived From China With Nothing But A Burning Desire To Achieve ‘The American Dream’ … Built Up Her Own Million-Dollar Business … Then Lost It All!

Now Here’s The True Story of How She Turned
This Tragedy Into a Dream-Come-True … And the
Simple-Yet-Powerful Steps YOU  Can Follow RIGHT NOW  to Infuse Your Own Life with Greater Joy, Abundance, and Happiness Than You Ever Believed Possible…
Grab Your Copy before Midnight Today & then you can Lay Claim To An AMAZING Windfall of More than One Hundred FREE Bonus Gifts worth $8400 Donated by our Friends and Colleagues Shown Below!
Gently, Lovingly … Transformational!

“Ping Li's 'Awakening' guides you gently and lovingly through the journey of remembering who you REALLY are. Each word is filled with love and truth. To read it is transformational!"

Laura K. Bryant

And there’s still MUCH MORE excitement!

Ping is very blessed to have so many amazingly supportive friends in this field. And to help make my first book such a huge success, many of them are donating additional FREE Gifts when you order AWAKENING: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose On Earth 
before midnight Today. 

In fact . . . there are more than One Hundred additional gifts waiting for you already
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Ping will send you full details of this incredible bounty of bonuses and how to claim every one
 just as soon as your order is processed. 

When you are ready to surrender your pain and suffering,
the road will appear before you and you find your answers within.

Yes, I want to begin transforming my life right now!

AWAKENING: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose On Earth 
is unlike anything you’ve tried before to attract greater success 
and a more richly rewarding life.

This book and the transformational journey it guides you through is born of my very soul. It is a Personal Journey for both of us. It was written from within ... and these step-by-step guidances and exercises have been divinely inspired to help you find your own answers within.

Ancient Wisdom, powerful insights, and transformational exercises that helped relieve my own pain and suffering now can awaken the pure love, light, and wisdom within you . . . and help you to understand the laws of nature and how to work with them to create the life you will truly love. 

It’s Everything You Need…

“If you are looking for a way to create the reality you always dreamed of living, you have found the answer in Ping Li’s new book. It will give you everything you need within yourself right now to tap into the power of your soul and the steps needed to live your dreams!”

Steven E – creator,
“Wake Up … Live The Life You Love” series

Captures The Essence Of Ancient Spiritual Knowledge…

"Awakening" is just that – an Awakening of the Spirit and Soul within, to the Love and Light of who you are!! When I was reading the book, I could feel the Vibration of Love emanating from its page's!! Ping Li’s Divinely-inspired writing has captured the Essence of Ancient Spiritual knowledge and presented it in a way that is understandable to anyone that reads the Book!! 

Awakening’ is amazingly transformational, helping you go from cocoon to Butterfly!! Absolutely Recommended Reading!!
Many Blessing's”
Tom/MatoSapha/Standing Bear

Never again Be A Slave To The Wants Of Others!

“I used to be one of those who lose themselves to the wants of others. But after reading just the first two chapters of your book, Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose on Earth, I already find myself reconnecting with MY SELF. Your simple, but direct, journaling and meditative exercises have helped me internally visualize the person I once was, giving me hope to have ME find that part of my soul that has gone astray.

Thank you again Ping for promoting self awareness in us all.”

Chris Ohrenich

Suzanne Kyra
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A portion of the proceeds of this launch will be donated to Move the Mountain and Ping's other favorite charities.

A big thanks to Denise Cassino, JV Specialist, for coordinating this fabulous launch! Contact Denise.


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It’s SO Much More Than ‘Just A Book’…

AWAKENING: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose On Earth is not just a book, not something you read once and relegate to a dark corner of your library. (Though even doing just that much will surely bring noticeable improvements to your life – its vibrational energy is that high!)

Instead, it is a tool that you will use every day to tap into a higher transformational power and elevate your spirit, heal your pain – both emotional and physical, eliminate suffering from your life, ease worries … and bring more hope, joy, and abundance into your own life and those lives you touch. 

AWAKENING: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose On Earth

Pete Koerner

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Kathleen Gage

Aurellia O'Neill

Free report called Limiting Beliefs and Your Life
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It’s SO Much More Than ‘Just A Book’…

AWAKENING: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose On Earth is not just a book, not something you read once and relegate to a dark corner of your library. (Though even doing just that much will surely bring noticeable improvements to your life – its vibrational energy is that high!)

Instead, it is a tool that you will use every day to tap into a higher transformational power and elevate your spirit, heal your pain – both emotional and physical, eliminate suffering from your life, ease worries … and bring more hope, joy, and abundance into your own life and those lives you touch. 

AWAKENING: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose On Earth 
is available now! 

Suzann Rye

The Path to Freedom; Changing Thoughts and Beliefs and Eliminating Fear
 Daniela Koenig
"Live the Life You Want" Interview Series 
with 8 Masters
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Here Is My Deepest Wish For You…

It is my deepest wish for you to follow the path of your heart and honor your true value. Please allow my new book, AWAKENING: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose On Earth, to light your path ahead, so you may finally discover your true God-given gifts and talents, manifest your dreams, serve humanity with your love and blessings, and bring healing to yourself and the world. 
The light of your soul will shine through … sparking a light within those around you, in turn. Your soul’s light will assist more people to awaken their souls’ light. Others, seeking their own spiritual illumination, will be drawn to your flame. Like attracts like … and light attracts light.
The world needs you.
I sincerely hope and pray you will join me in being a messenger of God and a holder of the light for others to find their own path.
This book is your invitation to live life for your higher purpose – the highest good of all  and unleash the infinite power of your soul.
With love, light, and deepest gratitude 


P.S. – Your journey to higher consciousness and enlightenment will begin when you stop searching outside yourself for the answers to true happiness, slow down, ‘let go’, and become quiet within. Then everything you’ve been seeking will come to you effortlessly and precisely. This is the power of your Infinite Being … and in AWAKENING: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose On Earth you’ll discover tap directly into it - quickly and easily!

Darren L. Johnson

One hour of Life Coaching

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#1 Bestseller
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Donna Eden

Energy Medicine for Women (and the Men Who Love Them) Workshop –

 15% Discount 
Melanie Smith
Energy Medicine: Your Personal Health and Wellness System for Today E-Book

Value $9.95
 Winner of the Full 1-Hour Private Session of Healing Energy and Intuitive Guidance with Ping Li
is Leah!